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Granada Center
Location   : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Category   : Shopping Center
This commercial center claims to be the largest mall in the Middle East, with a gross area of 500,000 Sq. M. (building occupied area is 120,000 Sq. meter). The mall is located on the Airport Rd., exit 10, close to SABIC headquarters, and it is scheduled for operation during the second quarter of the year 2005. General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) owns the property, and Zuhair Fayez is the consultant on the project. Saudi Constructioneers is the general contractor, and STS is the electro-mechanical contractor. The building utilizes an ice-storage system which supplies chilled water to 22 air handling units, and 17 fan coil units. The overall cooling load is roughly 5,000 tons, and the air distribution system employs rectangular, spiral, and flat-oval ducts.