About Us

SAFID – one of Saudi Arabia’s success stories – has cultivated an unquestionable reputation in the field of air distribution systems after 40 years of quality manufacturing.

SAFID was founded as a joint venture between the Rahbani Group and NOKIA CO (Finland) in 1979. Initially, SAFID began manufacturing a range of ducts; however, today, SAFID has diversified its portfolio with the best air control solutions and commodities the industry - from dampers and louvers, to air measuring and acoustic systems and a superb selection of air ducts and their accessories. SAFID now specializes in a wide variety of services thanks to its state-of-the-art acoustic and accredited laboratory lead by it’s dynamic Research and Development Department.

SAFID prides in being a key pillar in the development of public and private projects across the Gulf region leaving an impact on the wellbeing of everyone living and working within the environment. Our mission is to lead in the innovation, development and manufacturing of our premium quality line of HVAC units and systems, guaranteeing our customers’ utmost satisfaction.

SAFID’s elite workforce comprises of over 900 multinational employees striving for continuous excellence and innovation. By anticipating and influencing the trends and demands in air control, the highly qualified SAFID team has developed numerous in-house software programs syncing our various departments in the stages of the production and shipment processes. Accordingly, we consistently deliver efficient services, advanced solutions and precision work ahead of the curve.


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